A new approach to investment property loans.

Apartment Building Financing: Calculating NOI for More Accurate Underwriting

Knowing your property’s NOI is essential. Here’s how to calculate it.

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Freddie Mac Multifamily Small Balance Loan Requirements: Loan-to-Value Ratio

The loan-to-value ratio is an important factor in underwriting SBLs.

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What are the 4 Factors that Influence Interest Rates?

A look at the variables that influence interest rates for multifamily mortgages.

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Whether you’re a seasoned real estate investor looking to expand your portfolio or you’re just getting started, Leap to Loans will provide a quote in seconds. Get the most up-to-date loan terms available and connect with an expert who will provide the details you need to decide if you want to move forward.


Enter address

Enter the full street address of the property.

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Loan purpose

Select the type of loan you’re interested in.

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Get market intel

Receive data for the neighborhood, including average population, education level, median household income, and more.

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Enter price and LTV

Answer a few questions about the building, including the acquisition price, approximate loan-to-value (LTV) ratio you’re looking for, and number of units.

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Enter contact information

One of our professionals will follow-up to see if you want to pursue next steps.

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Get initial quote

Receive a quote instantly, including multiple loan options and terms.

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Borrower or real estate professional?

Are you seeking this loan for yourself or on behalf of a client?

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Enter further property information

Answer the type of multifamily asset, current occupancy, year built, and if the property has been renovated.

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Enter terms desired

Answer how much you want to borrow, length of loan term, your desired timeline for receiving the funds, if you want fixed rate or hybrid ARM, and if you are looking for interest only options.

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Get detailed quote

Receive a quote with multiple lenders, interest rate options, and monthly and annual P&I amounts.

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A quote for your next multifamily investment is just seconds away. Simply type in the property address and let us do the rest!

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